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Parenting Time & Parenting Plans

Phoenix, Arizona Parenting Plan Attorney

Helping Clients Allocate Parenting Time

Phoenix parenting time lawyer Susanne Sternberg assists clients who seek to modify the terms of a parenting plan post-decree. You may realize soon after your divorce or custody case has been finalized that your parenting plan does not meet your needs or the needs of your child, or years down the road, a change in circumstances, such as an out-of-state move, may render an old visitation schedule unworkable.

Changes to parenting time often involve modifying child custody and child support orders as well; Sternberg Law Office is able to address all of these issues simultaneously.

Modifying Parenting Time (Visitation) & Parenting Plans in Arizona Post-Decree

Parenting time is the time sharing arrangement between parents regarding physical access to their child.  Phoenix divorce lawyers help parents work out parenting plans during the divorce process, which become part of the courts custody order at the time a divorce is finalized. Parenting plans may be simple or elaborate and address more than just time-sharing.  Parents are required to abide by their parenting time schedule and all the terms of their parenting plan unless they obtain a court-approved modification or certain rare extreme circumstances prevent them from following an order.

Life, however, rarely stands still, and many circumstances can impact the relevance and operability of a parenting plan. In situations where a parent is stepping up and taking a more active role in his or her childs life, we have helped clients obtain more parenting time. In other cases, we have helped parents who feel their childs other parent should have less parenting time, perhaps because they are not honoring their obligations as a parent.

Expertise in Relocation Cases & Long-Distance Parenting Plans

Among Phoenix parenting plan attorneys, we have significant experience handling relocation cases. While Arizona law restricts a parent’s ability to relocate with a child, we can help parents who want to relocate comply with Arizona law and determine whether relocation may be possible under their specific circumstances.  We also help parents who oppose the other party’s relocation with the child contest the relocation and protect their parenting time rights.  Sometimes relocation itself does not cause conflict in which case we can help parents create workable and enforceable long-distance parenting plans.

Talk to an Experienced, Aggressive Phoenix Parenting Plan Attorney about Your Rights

If you wish to modify a parenting plan or visitation schedule in Arizona, the process can be complex, as requirements to change a court order are very specific. However, with the guidance of an experienced, aggressive Phoenix visitation rights lawyer, you improve your chances of achieving the result you want. Please contact Sternberg Law Office to learn more about our approach to parenting plan modifications and to family law in general. We offer a free initial telephone consultation and convenient appointment times for our clients.

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