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Child Custody

Phoenix Child Custody Lawyer

Ready to Protect Your Relationship with Your Child

Phoenix child custody attorney Susanne M. Sternberg knows that your children are the most important thing in the world to you. As her client, you can be confident that she will help you protect your relationship with your child through the divorce process and beyond, understanding that time with your child is worth fighting for.

In addition to handling child custody in the divorce context, Sternberg Law Office also has experience assisting clients with custody matters that arise when paternity is established. In paternity cases, we help mothers fight to retain legal custody of a child after paternity has been established and we help fathers fight to gain custody and parenting time rights.

Establishing child custody directly affects child support orders and parenting plans; Sternberg Law Office is a comprehensive family law practice assisting in these matters as well.

A Phoenix Custody Lawyer Who Understands Modern Families

If you are looking for a child custody lawyer in Phoenix, you need someone you can talk to openly and honestly about your parenting goals and your relationship with your child. We represent both moms and dads in custody matters, giving us special insight into the variety of custody arrangements available to modern families.  Once we have gotten to know you and thoroughly understand your objectives, we will help you determine the custody and parenting time arrangement that would be in both you and your childs best interests.

Although no attorney can ever guarantee the outcome of any case, Susanne Sternberg gives her clients a straightforward answer regarding the likelihood of achieving a certain outcome, while explaining the factors that will influence a court’s decision in any custody matter. Ultimately, she does everything she can as a Phoenix divorce lawyer to help her clients obtain their desired result.

Juvenile Cases

As Phoenix child custody attorneys, we also handle juvenile cases, including guardianship and dependency matters. Issues involving guardianship and dependency may arise if a person or the State of Arizona asserts that a biological mother or father is not a fit parent. We have experience handling both sides of juvenile cases, representing potential guardians and helping parents retain custody of their children.

Talk to an Experienced, Aggressive Child Custody Attorney in Phoenix

In all custody matters, we strive to be perceptive of our clients needs and the needs of their children, persuasive in asserting their rights, and prepared to aggressively advocate on their behalf. If you need to establish or modify a child custody order, please contact Sternberg Law Office for a complimentary telephone consultation. You will likely talk to several Phoenix child custody lawyers before choosing legal counsel. Let us tell you in more detail why clients are comfortable with and confident in our style of representation.

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