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Child Support

Phoenix Child Support Lawyer

Ready to Establish, Modify & Enforce Support Orders

If you are looking for a Phoenix child support attorney, Sternberg Law Office can assist you in establishing, modifying, and enforcing child support orders. In our experience, obtaining a fair result is often what people want when it comes to child support. Each parent needs to be confident that the other will fulfill his or her financial obligations to their child, and that the child’s material needs are satisfied.

We also help clients with child custody and parenting time arrangements, which often go hand in hand with child support orders.

Not Your Typical Phoenix Divorce Attorney

Most Phoenix divorce attorneys handle child support issues as an element of divorce representation, but Susanne Sternberg goes beyond simply plugging numbers into a child support calculator. She explains what factors the court considers when determining child support, and how the process of paying and receiving child support works. She is the rare attorney who likes to do math, which means she uses her own knowledge and mental faculties to assess and argue child support matters.

Pre-Decree & Post-Decree Child Support Matters in Arizona

In Arizona, the amount of child support a parent will be entitled to receive or obligated to pay is determined when a decree is finalized. By law in Arizona, child support is always modifiable; therefore, support related issues may arise post-decree.  At Sternberg Law Office, our broad experience includes:

  • Establishing child support – We represent parents seeking to maximize the amount of child support they are entitled to receive, as well as parents seeking to minimize the amount of child support they are ordered to pay. Because we represent clients on each end of the spectrum, we can accurately predict what arguments will be made against our clients’ positions, and help our clients attack those arguments.
  • Modifying child support orders – If the factors underlying the support obligation calculation change (such as a parent changing jobs) or another material change in circumstances affects the fairness of the child support arrangement, we help clients modify child support orders to reflect their current situation and the needs of their children.
  • Enforcing child support orders – Unfortunately, sometimes parents fail to meet their child support obligation. We help clients collect unpaid child support by petitioning for the enforcement of court orders as well as defend clients against enforcement actions when enforcement is not appropriate.

We also represent clients who need to prove paternity in order to obtain a child support order; for more information about these type of cases, please see our paternity page.

Seek Advice from an Experienced Phoenix Child Support Attorney

If you need assistance with child support in Phoenix, please contact Sternberg Law Office to learn how our services and expertise compare with other Phoenix child support lawyers. We offer a free initial telephone consultation, and if you become our client, we will do our best to accommodate not only your legal needs but also your busy schedule

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