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Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation

Affordable Limited Scope Representation in Arizona Divorces & Family Law Matters

At Sternberg Law Office, we understand that it is difficult for families to afford the cost of having an attorney on retainer, and often it will save clients money to handle particular aspects of a divorce or other family law filing on their own. Because we respect clients who are self-reliant and work within their means, we offer limited scope representation to people in need of assistance with a specific divorce or family law issue in Maricopa County.

In limited scope representation, we provide unbundled legal services so that those who need the advice of a Phoenix family lawyer can obtain the guidance they need without taking on the cost or obligation of full-service representation. If you need a family attorney to help you with any of the following matters, we can do so at a reasonable hourly rate:

  • Restraining Orders & Injunctions against Harassment – The need for orders of protection and injunctions against harassment (commonly referred to as restraining orders) may arise during the divorce process, but may also be necessary in other situations. Susanne Sternberg can help clients file or challenge a restraining order as a singular legal matter.
  • Consultations – As with many things in life, thorough planning often means the difference between a smooth or bumpy road ahead. In consultations, we help clients assess their options for resolving a particular family law matter with the goal of ensuring that the chosen course of action is legally sound and likely to achieve the desired results.
  • Document Review & Preparation – If you are handling a divorce, modification, or other family law matter yourself, it is likely that you will need to file some, if not many, documents with the court in charge of your case. We can review and prepare documents on an as-need basis, ensuring that they are on-point, legally valid, and correctly filed.
  • Hearing Appearances – You may have been able to handle preparing the necessary paperwork and filings on your own but do not want to go into court without an attorney by your side.  Having an attorney speak for you during court proceedings can greatly increase the odds of achieving a favorable result.  We can alleviate the anxiety and uncertainty of going into court alone by preparing for and attending the hearing with you.

Seek Advice from a Phoenix Family Law Attorney Who Respects Your Budget

If you are handling a divorce or other family law matter on your own, we can help you when you need assistance with a particular issue. Please contact Sternberg Law Office for a free initial telephone consultation to learn more about how limited scope representation can address your legal needs and work with your budget. We work to accommodate our clients’ busy schedules by offering appointments outside of regular business hours when necessary.

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