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If you need legal assistance for a family law matter, the last thing you’re looking for is a traditional law firm. Heavy oak panels, brass plates and blue suits can be pretty intimidating when you’re in the midst of a crisis, especially if you’ve never had to hire a lawyer before. Fortunately, Sternberg Law Office defies expectations. Our space is comfortable and inviting, not formal and pretentious. Our goal when you visit is to develop a rapport that encourages trust, honesty and candor, and hints at the compassionate counsel and dedicated representation you can expect if you become a client. Qualities that distinguish our legal services include:

  • Down-to-earth approach — We speak and write in plain English. No question is a dumb question.
  • Direct, open communication — It’s important to us you feel comfortable sharing the sensitive information relevant to your case and that you understand what we are doing — and why — so you know what is going on with your case.
  • Client-centered representation — Our efforts target your best interests, not our bottom line. We use a straightforward, direct approach so you have realistic expectations from day one.
  • Cost-effective results — We focus on efficiency and embrace technology to work quickly while representing clients in an aggressive manner to achieve the best results possible.

We believe we have carved a distinctive niche in the Phoenix area as a relatable divorce and family law firm that combines sensitivity toward our clients’ circumstances with open communication and aggressive representation.

A divorce attorney in Phoenix concerned with client comfort

As a solo practitioner, Susanne Sternberg is able to offer individualized client contact and personalized attention. She goes by “Susanne” or “Sue,” not Ms. Sternberg, and talks with clients in the same manner she talks with friends — casually, in plain English, not legalese, and not from a position of superiority. While relaxed on a personal level, she strives for perfection in her work. Susanne earns her clients’ trust by working tirelessly on each family law matter she undertakes, including:

Unfortunately but not surprisingly, it’s not unusual for attorneys to stir up conflict and unnecessarily create issues, perhaps focusing on billable hours rather than their clients’ best interests.  At Sternberg Law Office, we do not care about big, fancy office buildings and trying to bill as many hours as possible. From a purely business standpoint, you might say that we care about our clients too much.

Seek the advice & counsel of a family law & child custody lawyer in Phoenix

To learn more about how our experienced Phoenix family law attorney can help you, please call Sternberg Law Office at 602-222-5493 or contact us online to schedule a free initial telephone consultation. Our firm serves the greater Phoenix area and all of Maricopa County, including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Surprise, as well as Pinal County. We also represent numerous out-of-state clients who need a family law attorney in Phoenix because their cases are pending in the Arizona court system.

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